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The 5 steps to ensure your accounts get done!

8 May 2011 No Comment

Nobody wants their accounts to be late, and nobody wants to be fined as a result.

In that respect we are just the same as you, but there is one fundamental difference!

In law the responsibility remains with you, the taxpayer, to get things done. And unless you can show reasonable excuse, then if your accounts are late and you get a penalty notice, you are the one who is going to have to pay it. Saying that “my accountant didn’t remind me” is not a reasonable excuse, and in any case clients of Proactive will know that neither would it be true! We have an 8 stage process for getting records in, and if 5 emails and 3 phone calls are insufficient then you will need a different kind of accountant.

This is how our system works:

The accounts programme process

We try to prioritise the cases which come in, in a timely fashion, and we offer no guarantee to cases which come in late. This is only fair. It’s in our terms and conditions.  We do not want to penalise clients or alienate clients who work within effective time frames, and we need the records within 3 months of the year end.

If you have just received a 300840 message from us, and it has directed you to this article, then the ball is in your court. No more reminders are sent after the 300840 message!

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