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Realigning the VAT quarters

15 December 2011 No Comment

If your VAT returns do not coincide with the end of your trading year, you could find yourself having to work on the VAT figures 5 times per year instead of 4. That’s because the year end accounts may include a disclosure about how much VAT was due on the year end date.

It’s a simple matter to get things changed and we have a template which clients can use. However, it’s still one of those things that the VAT office needs from the taxpayer and not from the accountant, and they still want something on paper!

Once the first steps are completed, you should receive a confirmation letter like this one.

As soon as you get that please let us have copy so that we can make sure our systems are up to date and we help you to get the next VAT return in, with the right date, and on time!


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