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Getting year end reports from QuickBooks

19 August 2009 No Comment

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This article is a sub set of the Annual Accounts Checklist

Please read this article in conjunction with the annual accounts checklist. If you are a QuickBooks user, then the steps you need to follow on your Menu are set out below. This summary was originally prepared in mid 2008. If you have a later release of QuickBooks and we need to update this advice please let us know.

We prefer tab delimited files with a TXT suffix from QuickBooks. Each time a report is generated, it should be done by selecting:

PRINT – TO FILE – TAB DELIMITED – PRINT – and save as a TXT file

Ensure that you are asking QuickBooks to produce reports which cover only the specific trading period that we are working on. You should end up with 4 main reports and (if you are VAT registered) an extra 4 VAT reports. If your VAT quarters are not aligned with your trading year, then we shall need 5 VAT reports to ensure that the whole year is covered.

Bank account

Banking – Navigation – Bank Reg – Current Account

(that says Reg for Register, not Rec for Reconciliation)

Profit and loss

Reports – Financial – Profit and Loss (detailed)

Balance Sheet

Reports – Financial – UK Balance Sheet (standard)

Trial Balance

Reports – Accountant – Trial Balance


Reports – VAT – VAT100 (x 4 – for each individual quarter)

Please send all of the files together as attachments to a single e-mail. Thank you.

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