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Annual Accounts Checklist

22 June 2009 No Comment

This is a checklist for annual cases. The quarterly accounts checklist is here if you need it.

Bank/Finance House Items

  • Copies of all business statements on current accounts, deposit accounts and loan accounts. Copies of all business statements on credit cards, commercial cards and PayPal accounts etc.

  • Loan agreements for any new loans taken out during the year, showing (a) a simple analysis between the loan capital and the interest due and (b) a schedule of payment dates including any variations in the first or the last payment.

Book Keeper’s Reports

  • Trial Balance

  • Draft Profit & Loss Account
  • Draft Balance Sheet
  • A simple analysis of all debtors and creditors on the Balance Sheet

VAT Reports (if registered)

  • Copies of all VAT returns for the quarters spanning that whole trading year (copies of either actual VAT100 forms or substitute VAT100 reports).

  • If the VAT quarters are not aligned with the trading year end, then copies of returns for 5 quarters will be needed in order to cover the whole year.


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