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New company reference numbers

5 December 2009 No Comment

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Updating our systems

When a new company is incorporated, both the Revenue and Companies House will issue reference numbers. This may take between 14 and 28 days. In order to submit documents electronically, we need to ask you to let us know the reference in each case.

HM Revenue & Customs call it a Unique Taxpayer Reference or a UTR, or sometimes just a reference. Companies House talk about an authentication code. Examples of the tax office form and the Companies house letter are shown below. In each case, please let us know the reference or code. We don’t need the letter, just a simple email with the reference or code, thanks.


Once we have the reference number from the form CT41G we will complete the form using our own electronic proforma, and submit it on your behalf. You need not do anything with the original paper form. Put it in the confidential waste!


If you get too many letters from HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House, and you need any help please let us know.

Posted on 5 Dec 2009 by The Proactive Accountant Dot Com