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Royal Mail deteriorating

1 June 2010 No Comment

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More lost mail than ever before

Last October, we reported that Royal Mail was not delivering. We have had more of the same in April and May 2010 and we need to take serious steps to combat the problem.

In particular, we submitted 7 VAT registration forms recently and we know that only 1 response has been delivered. We have established from phone calls to the VAT Unit that “more information” letters have been sent in the other 6 cases, but either the VAT Unit or Royal Mail are having difficulties with letters.

What makes it worse is that the VAT office believe that VAT is solely the responsibility of the taxpayer and not the accountant. Unlike the rest of HMRC they persist in writing to the taxpayer, and without a clear authority form in place, we have trouble getting any information out of the VAT Central Registration Unit!

We also know from our records of Recorded Delivery and Special Delivery items that the Royal mail failure rate is creeping up from 20% to around 25%.

And, we have reports from clients where business records have been mailed to us in London, but have never been received.

Our solution is twofold. We are pressing on with our paperless operation and we are also moving somewhere more reliable. If you are using our address in London E1, we will be keeping it until 31 Dec 2010. At that stage, any clients who have a registered office with us, will need to establish a new registered office.

With the implementation (in Oct 2009) of all of the provisions of the Companies Act 2006, a registered office should be staffed during normal business hours. After 31 Dec 2010 we will not be able to offer that facility in London E1.

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Posted on 1 Jun 2010 by The Proactive Accountant Dot Com

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