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A Paperless System (2)

24 June 2009 No Comment

File Naming Convention

Proactive operates a paperless system and that means we need a strict file naming convention. Every file name is unique and the various collections of numbers each serve a different purpose. That way we can find any document quickly.

1234567890 622700 20120405 20121031 1700
tax return
Client reference number Document code Tax year or
Trading year
Creation date and time

A number of our clients have asked for more details and so here’s a basic summary:

Every client has a 10 digit reference number.

Every document type has a 6 digit number code.

All dates are shown as 8 digits, in scientific notation – yyyymmdd.

If a document has more than one date, generally the first date is the tax year or trading year, and the second date is the date the document was created. Occasionally, the rules are adjusted, and extra numbers may appear for a variety of reasons. It’s the first 10 digits that link the file to a client, and the next 6 that tell us what the document is about. At the end of the file name a short narrative is usually added to make things clearer.

  • 100XXX – correspondence
  • 200XXX – bank
  • 300XXX – bookkeeping and VAT
  • 422XXX – accounts – self employed
  • 444XXX – accounts – partnership
  • 488XXX – accounts – limited company
  • 500XXX – One off activites
  • 622XXX – tax matters – personal
  • 644XXX – tax matters – partnership
  • 688XXX – tax matters – corporate
  • 700XXX – PAYE

Some clients have a shared DropBox folder with us and may see lots of documentation with recognisable file extentions like PDF and XLS. We also have specialist files which work with our accounts and tax software. Anything with a TCS or VTR extention will not work without the right software and may be corrupted if handled incorrectly.

We are trying to strike a balance and fine tune the system, so that both humans and computers can cope with the demands and complexities that accounting involves. Your feedback is always welcome.

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