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Agreement at an end

30 June 2009 No Comment

Things to think about now

If you have received an email or a letter from us which linked to this report, then these notes set out a number of things that you may need to consider as our agreement comes to an end. Some of them, if not all of them, may apply in your case.

Business Affairs

Companies House, the Tax Office and the VAT Office will be notified that Proactive is no longer acting for the business. Where the role of company secretary is held by an individual or a company connected with Proactive, then that company secretary has resigned today and has submitted the appropriate form to Companies House.

Where your registered office is located at one of our premises, we shall continue to handle mail for a period of 21 days. After that time, any mail we receive addressed to your company will be marked “gone away” and will be returned to the sender.

The VAT office also needs to know where to send future correspondence and where the records of the business are to be kept.

All Cases – Business and Personal Affairs

If you make instalment plan payments to us by monthly standing order, you need to cancel it by telling your bank. If you make instalment plan payments to us by Direct Debit we will advise you separately about any final amount and then we will instruct our bank to cancel the Direct Debit from our end. Please note that we cannot cancel a standing order as that is your responsibility in law. Check with your bank to see if it’s a standing order or if it’s a direct debit.

Please ask your new accountant to notify the Tax Office that he is now acting. As soon as the new accountant approaches Proactive we will let him have the information he requires. It is customary for the new accountant immediately to take on responsibility for all work. No further work will be undertaken by Proactive.

If your business has a payroll account (a PAYE scheme) with the Tax Office, then you will need to arrange to carry out the payroll work yourself or to appoint a bureau to do it for you. Payrolls are now subject to Real Time reporting (RTI) and you need to take steps promptly to ensure that the month end reports are correctly filed. There are penalties for late filing.

Approximately two weeks after sending out the relevant email, we will archive our records. Digital records on DropBox will then no longer be accessible. They will be kept safely (elsewhere) until the end of the sixth tax year following the most recent set of accounts. It is our policy to destroy all records after that six year period has elapsed.


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