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Handling VAT on-line

1 October 2010 No Comment

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All VAT returns must now be submitted on line

HM Revenue & Customs introduced new rules in April 2010 which require businesses to submit their VAT returns online. To make the situation more complicated, the VAT bit of the combined HM Revenue & Customs is not accepting the same authorisation process as the rest of the Revenue!

As much as we would like to do this for you, we cannot, because it requires a Government Gateway account and that covers a vast array of government interactions – some of which will be confidential to you alone. This is what you need to do now.

* Get your VAT registration certificate
* Get your last VAT return
* Set up a Government Gateway account – http://www.proactive.uk.net/?p=154
* Then “enroll” for VAT
* Appoint Proactive as your agent – http://www.proactive.uk.net/?p=159
* Once that is all done, please let us know, because HMRC will not!

This illustrates a legacy left over from the old days of the VAT office, where they placed more emphasis on action by the taxpayer rather than the accountant!

Of course, please do let us know if you need anything from us to make the process work.

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Posted on 1 Oct 2010 by The Proactive Accountant Dot Com

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