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A Paperless System (1)

24 June 2009 No Comment

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A Mix of Paper and Digital Files

How do we do it? We have a hybrid system! Yes, all of our own internal procedures are paperless. And yes, there’s still a lot of paper going through the system. Many government departments still need things on paper, and most of our clients prefer to send us paper. So we are a hybrid!

We submit accounts and tax returns electronically, and we still use old fashioned pigeon holes to handle client records. What we do try to do, is process paperwork quickly and ship it back to the client for safe keeping. We no longer have the racks and racks of paper files which used to extend from the floor to the ceiling. We have to keep some paperwork for 6 years and it is now stored in archives. Each year we destroy the oldest files (as confidential waste) and because 2008 was our first totally paperless year, we are now reducing the paper in storage. Each year we can shred some, and by 1 Jan 2014 we will have no paper left!

For those of you who are interested, we use Fujitsu Scansnap 500 scanners. We’ve tried a whole variety of scanners from HP, from Canon and from others, and we have settled on this amazingly small and efficient one from Fujitsu!

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