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Are you interested in making more profit in less time?

Imagine for a moment, that you’re an Olympic rower in one of those boats that they call a single sculler. Olympic rowers will tell you that you get to a certain level when racing, where you and your boat are working together efficiently, and you’re going remarkably fast! Once you achieve this position, the amount of effort required to keep you there is not actually that difficult. It’s a lot easier to maintain your speed, than it was to reach that speed in the first place.

In fact, you feel quite relaxed and at one with your boat, and somewhere deep inside, you feel that you can actually do more! So you try! You push yourself a little bit harder, and then what happens is that every little additional effort and every added movement has a perverse and detrimental effect. Although you’re trying harder and you want to go faster, you are in fact creating more drag and so you’re slowing the boat down!

The trick is to know when you’ve reached the optimum state. It’s something sportsmen call “flow” or “being in the zone”. And the magical thing about “flow” is that it’s possible to achieve it in your business. Imagine that! Making money without really having to work that hard! It takes a bit of effort to get started and then it’s easy to keep it up. To work smarter, not harder.

The “Total Satisfaction Programme” from Proactive is based on the work of Scott & Rochester and dozens of other leading thinkers. It doesn’t come cheap, but it will revolutionise your business. It’s something we can help you with as long as your business is VAT registered. You’ll also need to be able to do an initial 7am meeting in central London. If you’re OK with both of those requirements, then please call Paul Brannigan on 020 3051 2462 and ask about “flow”.

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