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My name is Paul Brannigan and I run a niche accounting practice based near Silicon Roundabout, fulfilling the needs of the tech community and the medical profession.

I qualified in 1990 whilst working at Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers) and that was back when the accountancy profession was embarking on a painfully slow transition from centuries of using pen and paper to an unfamiliar world of using computers. I quickly acquired the moniker of ‘the computer expert’ mainly due to my ability to find the power button, and partly due to my instant mastery of Lotus 123. That was the spreadsheet we all used back then, before Excel took over!

Just before setting up Proactive in 1997 I was working at the British Medical Association when they were running their short lived endeavour to provide tax and accountancy advice to doctors, and doctors only. You can see how I ended up with my two specialities, the tech community and the medical profession!

It will come as no surprise to you to learn that these days Proactive runs a paperless office! We went totally paperless on 1 Jan 2008, and in 2010 I wrote a book about it (now sadly out of date, and out of print). We’re looking forward to 1 Jan 2014 when (following the 6 year rule) we can pull out the last of our paper archives and introduce them to the shredder!

Technology is not the answer to everything, and as Jim Collins wrote in “Good to Great”, it simply helps you achieve things more effectively and in less time. If you’re aiming to grow a profitable business, then mastery of your finances and of technology will help to get you there faster. And that’s what we’re good at! Proactive does all the normal accountancy stuff and we’ll keep you on-side with the Government, and (for those that can afford the initial outlay of time and fees) we can show you how to make more profit in less time. We also help wealthy clients by using legitimate planning to reduce the impact of school fees and university costs. Are these things that you’d be interested in?

When we adopted the name Proactive, we wanted a name which encompassed sound, pragmatic accountancy work along with a bit of business coaching for a few, select clients. Being proactive is all pervasive, and once you get the hang of being effective, efficient, consistent and persistent, it will change your life. Both your business life and your personal life! Sometimes I take on speaking engagements, and I have spoken at dozens of events, Chambers of Commerce and also on Radio 4.

I spend my spare time with my family, enjoying a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, good fresh food, and exciting foreign holidays. I completed my first and only marathon at 50 years of age, I speak five foreign languages (badly) and I relax by cooking wondrous dishes, or by playing my acoustic 12 string guitar.

Currently, my big side project is a philanthropic endeavour to help educate children and unsurprisingly that involves computers, a bit of coding, 3D printers, an open mind and an understanding of “motivation”. To that end, my campaign of reading scores of business books is largely complete, and I am now focussing on neuroscience and reading some deeply challenging medical books!

I live in Zone 1. I work in Zone 1. Call me now on 020 3051 2462. I can help you!

Paul Brannigan

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