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[2 Jul 2009 | No Comment | ]

This document was been superseded on 1 April 2011
For the latest checklist please visit . . .

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[24 Jun 2009 | No Comment | ]
Tax Return Checklist

The UK tax year runs from 6 Apr to 5 Apr . . .
So that we can keep track of your tax office and reference numbers, please let us have either:

Page one of your tax return; or
The “Notice to File”.

Student Loans

A copy of the Student Loan account showing the balance remaining on 5 Apr just gone.
Tell us if a new one has started since 5 Apr.
Tell us if an old one has been fully paid off since 5 Apr.

Is your Domicile outside the UK?
In tax law the word “domicile” …

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This is a checklist for annual cases. The quarterly accounts checklist is here if you need it.
Bank/Finance House Items

Copies of all business statements on current accounts, deposit accounts and loan accounts. Copies of all business statements on credit cards, commercial cards and PayPal accounts etc.

Loan agreements for any new loans taken out during the year, showing (a) a simple analysis between the loan capital and the interest due and (b) a schedule of payment dates including any variations in the first or the last payment.

Book Keeper’s Reports

Trial Balance

Draft Profit & …