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[30 Jul 2014 | No Comment | ]
HMRC on strike

Is it worth phoning HMRC? Do the staff in the call centres actually have any expertise? If you’re promised a return call, do they actually call you back? In our experience the answer to all these questions is an emphatic “no”!
Today, staff at HMRC are going on strike (for three days) to protest about staffing levels. We have long known that things are not getting done. We gave up phoning HMRC in 2006 and started a process of sending them everything in writing. That way, if there is ever any …

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[1 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]

You clearly want to have an accountant who is going to look after you and who understands your business, and that’s why we focus on the Tech sector. It’s a field where we have accounting expertise and some technical expertise. In order that a good working relationship can be established, there are some basic guidelines that you should be aware of, even if your business is not quite able to meet them all just yet.
All businesses need time to build up to a “critical mass” and you’ll find that we …

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[21 Oct 2009 | One Comment | ]

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Pretending you’re an employee again!

If you have ever been employed and had to submit expense claims, you will be familiar with this process. Now that you’re a director of your own limited company, you need to follow the same sort of process that regular employees have to follow. It’s done this way, because you are trying to keep corporate matters corporate and private matters private!
The best thing would be to get all your suppliers to bill the company directly, …