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Dynamic coding for PAYE

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Business is business, and your clients know (just the same as you do) that if payments are not made properly, then the business relationship they have with you will ultimately die. Here are 5 key steps to help you ensure that things are kept under control.
1. Terms and Conditions. You need to manage expectations, and a properly drafted set of terms and conditions (T&C) sets the scene immediately. Don’t start work without one. It allows both you and your client to understand the roles and requirements of each party. It …

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Be sure to select the right service
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What happens when your payroll is not normal?

If your business has a regular payroll, it will be getting used to the idea of making regular monthly payments of Income Tax and National Insurance to the Revenue. But what if your payroll is not normal? Employers still have to do the exercise and “make a monthly remittance” of PAYE even when it’s NIL!
We do this routinely for a number of our clients, and we use the Revenue’s on line …

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Payroll Convention

In order to correctly show payroll costs in a profit and loss account we adopt the convention which requires Gross Pay and Employer’s National Insurance to be identified separately. Many software packages will allow this sort of summary to be printed and this particular example comes from IRIS:

Every month when the PAYE remittances report is prepared, please also prepare a Company Totals report and include it with the book keeping records.
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